Set Play: Rolling

This is a really simple play that gives you lots of options near the basket, or an open jump shot. This play can be used in late game situations, or as a set in your half-court offense. Jasa Roll Plat medan =”” target=”_blank”>Jasa Roll Plat medan

Player #1 should be a good ball handler and passer. Player #dua should be your best shooter. Player #5 should be good at jumping, catching, and finishing near the basket. Player #3 is your screener and rebounder. Player #4 should be a good post player.


Player #4 and #5 should step out from the high post and position themselves near the three-point arc so the #1 can dribble off their ball screens.Player #1 should dribble off #5. As Player #1 rubs off the screen, Player #2 should be spotting up in the Jasa Roll Plat corner and Player #4 rolls to the basket.Player #1 can drive all the way to the basket, pass to #2 in the corner, or hit #4 rolling to the basket.


If a quick shot was not taken, Player #3 should then back screen for Player #lima.Player #1 should look for the lob pass to #lima.

You also have the option to enter the ball into #4 in the post. Then hit player #5 from the post, instead of throwing the lob.

Depending on the shot taken, be sure that Player #3, #4, and/or #lima are ready for the rebound.One of them should be in good position for a second shot.

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